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Top 10 Freight Management Solution Companies In APAC - 2021

Successful freight management depends on a strong logistics management program. There needs to be a robust set of controls in place, a high quality inbound freight routing guide, automated tracking technology, reporting capabilities, and much more. Over the years, the freight management industry has witnessed some significant changes. Robotic systems are taking over all the tedious and time consuming tasks of picking goods and placing them in warehouses. Automation at distribution centers and delivery points has bridged the gap between customer demands and business needs.

The internet of things is making waves in freight management by bringing machine-to-machine technology that works with negligible human interference. The use of drones and autonomous vehicles for delivery of products is just the beginning. Warehouses and distribution centers are also being automated with sensor technology and RFID tagging for speedy and streamlined operations. Implementing digital management capabilities can help improve standard operating procedures and enable companies to survive in a highly competitive market even as competitors erode. From meeting consumer demands and ensuring compliance to addressing driver shortage and incorporating advanced technology, each of these is a means to making freight businesses more competitive and shipping faster and more affordable.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of freight management solution providers with a set of advanced technological offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed freight management solution providers in APAC, Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Freight Management Solution Providers in APAC – 2021.’ The enlisted organizations offer innovative solutions that help shippers streamline supply chain operations, simplify the shipping process, and increase logistical efficiency. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Freight Management Solution Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top Freight Management Solution Companies in APAC

  • CargoWise, the flagship product of WiseTech Global, is ubiquitous across the sector, thanks to its efficiency in centralizing the logistics operations on a single platform. The platform literally caters to everything related to logistics operations today, from shipment visibility and online quoting to internal coordination and remote syncing with customers. CargoWise offers businesses a central database that gives global network visibility and easy access to all the data related to shipments without having to work outside the platform. Thereby leaning on CargoWise, businesses can streamline and optimize their operations across borders, regulatory boundaries, and freight modes

  • Ezyhaul is a leading digital road freight platform in South Asia that is facilitating short-haul, long-haul, and cross-border shipments for shippers by linking them with transportation companies. For shippers, interestingly, the platform offers complete control of the transportation process. With more than 7500 transportation companies registered on the platform, the shippers can choose the ideal carrier that suits their logistics requirements. On the other hand, Ezyhaul opens a window of opportunities for the carriers to optimize the utilization of their vehicles and grow their business

  • TAC Index publishes air cargo indices to help clients make intelligent decisions based on actionable insights. As a forwarders-centric publisher, TAC Index is developed based on historical transactional data obtained from the forwards (7 days of data), where the company aggregates the information within 12 hours and publishes it on its website around 2 PM GMT every Monday. TAC Index utilises transaction information despite the herculean effort it takes to aggregate and construct such a data set, as it is nearly impossible to tamper or manipulate

  • TradLinx is an online logistics platform that links shippers and shipping service providers. The platform offers logistics information, such as freight tracking and forwarding comparison estimates, necessary for managing maritime FCL containers and LCL air transport

  • The Melbourne-based Verus Global is transforming the freight forwarding industry with its innovative array of solutions that alleviate organisations’ shipping experience to the highest standards. The company offers low-touch services that deliver unparalleled transparency, accountability, reliability, and authenticity, which are instilled from the top-down, allowing it to become organic, and most importantly, a profitable part of an organisation’s business. Interact’s live reporting dashboard provides seamless logistics management with on-demand tracking, live updates, and precise coordinates for complete transparency and real-time information. This enables organisations to gain enhanced visibility into their freighting consignments, resulting in a hassle-free freighting experience for them

  • Boon Software Consulting

    Boon Software Consulting

    Boon Software is an internationally leading enterprise that optimizes the global supply chain and partners with customers to deliver time, intelligence, and profitability. The company provides Symphony Logistics Suite that engineers its client's logistics playbook with seamless data, decision automation, and speed of execution to fast-track intelligent logistics in the digital world

  • Clique Logistics

    Clique Logistics

    Clique Logistics is passionate about helping Australian businesses succeed by providing world-class, personalised freight management

  • Connected Freight

    Connected Freight

    Connected Freight is a B2B logistics platform for the SMEs, operating in Southeast Asia. On the platform, suppliers of goods can receive and manage orders from their business customers, secure trucks from a pool of accredited 3PLs and monitor delivery status real time. With Connected Freight, all supply chain activities are automated and interconnected resulting in optimized, reliable and cost-effective operations

  • GoComet


    Logistics Resource Management (LRM) SaaS platform leverages the combined power of data science and machine intelligence. It facilitates sharp reverse auctions bringing out the best possible end to end rates for shipments, saves time, optimises operations, and increases deal transparency and efficiencies for enterprises’ freight procurement processes

  • Imagesoft


    With 20 years of experience in the transport industry Imagesoft specialise in Software Development for the transport industry. Imagesoft is an Australian owned company, located in the Gippsland area of Regional Victoria. The company have proven its expertise to design, build and implement clients' customised software system on time and budget